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Moving house eeeeeek!

MOVING HOUSE…an  opportunity not a headache Moving house…an amazing time for transformation and an opportunity for cleansing.  When someone mentions they are moving house, the first thing that comes to mind is stress…. Immediately we put a negative slant on it when it is actually a gift, if we so choose!   Sure it is stressful I agree; however it is so much less stressful to see it…

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Flying solo

Flying solo Something that really makes me smile is remembering the moments in life I decided to fly solo. I am sure we have all had this feeling of excitement and fear of the unknown and you may find you resonate with the journey I am about to take you on. Flying solo is a part of personal development in…

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A Journey with Yoga

A JOURNEY WITH YOGA “Patanjali, the Patron Saint of Yoga said, “Mastery combines a balance of science and art. Knowledge of science is like the colours on the artist palette- the greater the knowledge, the more colours available. The body is the canvas and the Asanas are the art we create.” A quote taken from the text book called ‘Scientific…

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