Career Transition coach

If you are looking down the barrel of change that is affecting the way you do business then a coach can give you a new perspective how to move forward with clarity in business and in life. You might feel broken, or shattered or even just lost, but the truth is you just need to discover a new way of doing you because you are not who you use to be. Discover who you are and what is important for you now that your life has taken a new direction is about exploring your values. What you value now. However, it is often unconscious until it becomes conscious.

‘Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great people make you feel that you, too, can be great.’- Mark Twain

If you are experiencing the strong desire for a career change in a whole new direction, Linda can help you do that transition with ease and get you on your adventure with NLP tools to give you more clarity and direction with practical tools and help to connect with the right path.

Coaching is like having you every own tour guide to help you discover and map your new path.

The hardest part if know what you want to do. Having the practical skills, knowing what the industries are looking for and the how to prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually for the big change so you are fully prepared for your new career path.


On your journey you will discover

  • Learn how your personality interacts with company values and how to get the best results.
  • Understand how what you value now has shifted and what is driving you to make these significate changes you want to make.
  • Understand how to manage a forced career transition due to injury or other
  • begin your transition before you exit for long term employment and find out what you truly want to do and specify what you need to skill up on to make it happen.
  • Manage the limiting decisions and mindset that are holding you back from your dreams.
  • Perfectly tailored to your needs with individual coaching and mentoring packages to start your road to freedom.

Why can I help you with this transition? Because I have been in your shoes. As an ex-military and ex-aviation for a total of 25 years, I transitioned out of the institutes, without the support you are about to get here, that is why I created this coaching. It was way too time-consuming to do it alone. So I have done the hard work for you. Now, all you need to do is put the coaching into action. It’s like wanting to run a marathon but not doing the training or practice required. You will be guided with the correct course that will suit your need. Let’s chat first to see what program will suit you the most.

This Coaching works on a monthly retainer that you can opt in and out of at any time at the end of each month. Starts at $497 p/mth once a week for 1 hour of coaching + content and accountability check in.


Welcome to The Big Dream Project

How to map and navigate your future. Invest in yourself, you are worth it!

Begin today and get 8 weeks of Personal Coaching to help you on your new adventure for 2017.

The Big Dream Project is for the fully charged adventurous soul who wants to start their path to creating their Big Dream and transition to become an entrepreneur or change their career in a completely new direction. This project is only for those who are ready to commit to activating their future and turn up the power within, to bring your big dreams into reality.

You have access to a coach throughout your entire journey. can be done online with Skype or face time.

As a Big Dream Projector, you have access to a coach throughout your entire journey. However, you must do the change to make the change. This is an adventure and the adventure is guided by Linda McCall however you have to drive the change.

The course can be done entirely online with Skype or face time. You will explore what it is you value and then move toward what is goals and implement them in the direction of your dreams.

The Big Dream Project is your big project for change, specifically for what you want to create. Create your Big Dream and bring it into your reality with personal coaching and mentoring the entire step of the way.

AN 8 WEEK PROJECT that takes you to the core of your soul life & business purpose and propels you into living your dream.

 You will receive a bonus week 8 into the launch of your next phase.

The project is filled with you taking action toward your next step. We plan and show you exactly how to use social media and the internet to get the high intensity and purposefully designed big dreamer mind shifts and get you on your new extraordinary relationships/life & business adventure quickly and purposefully.

You are ready to take the leap of faith, but you need some accountability and guidance, join the big dream project and create the difference that makes the difference. You don’t have to go it alone!

ONLY $497