Freedom Begins at the Core of You

Freedom Begins at the Core of You

Freedom starts in the mind

Mindset hacks get you closer to freedom in business and in life but you most importantly are the one who makes it happen, takes action and begin to change your core values. The following freedom formula is a way to simplify your life to maximise opportunity and get you closer to your dreams. Let’s start with focusing on your mindset each day toward what you want to experience. Because freedom starts at the core of you as an individual. Right!

Have you ever felt trapped in a job and heard yourself complaining about the management and the people around you? And so far from the freedom, you desire but just can’t even comprehend the word anymore, in fact, it annoys you and you huff and says there is no such bloody thing!

Be honest, I know because I have been there too. I use to say to my colleges ‘if you see me here in 5 years time, tell me to get a life!’ Well, nobody did and 7 years went past before I did anything about it. And by that time I was grumbling and mumbling about the CEO and the management and starting to hate the next time I went on a trip. At the time I was a flight attendant and I had this burning feeling that I wanted to explore more and start my own business.

So, I started a website in 2004 and I managed to get suppliers, I build relationships with them, but I had absolutely no idea about business at all so I build the marketing had a great website and passion but was missing so many things that of course I flopped and it never happened. I thought that freedom would come if I worked for myself. But what I didn’t know is that freedom is a mindset and it is a mindset you have when you start your business that gives you freedom. It flows into your life.

Freedom sometimes seems untouchable right! However, freedom is a choice, and a way of thinking, doing, creating new beliefs. Taking actions toward creating more freedom is also about identifying what is hinders your freedom in the first place, and often it is your expectations you put on yourself and the people around you that locks you into the cage of despair.

The best freedom mindset hacks are the one you practice daily to make them a habit so that they become normal and become a way you naturally operate in business and life.

Everyone wants to experience more freedom. What does that freedom look like for you?

What freedom means for you is different to what it means for me. It is up to you to decide what it is you need to satisfy your insatiable hunger for freedom however in saying that, I ask you this;

“what are you willing to let go of to achieve more freedom Such as the mental and physical habits that hold you captive?”

Are you willing to give up guilt, fear, anxiety, negative self-talk, holding on to the past that no longer serves you today, belief systems that are no longer relevant to get more freedom?

The following freedom formula is a guideline to creating more freedom that can assist you in your daily life and business. It is a check-in process I created for myself to stay on track and I now share it with startups and business owners and now I am sharing it with you!

” Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain…To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choice- today I choose to feel not to deny my humanity but to embrace it.” Kevyn Aucoin



This can be used daily with your team or weekly or monthly check-in.

FOCUS – on what you want

Each day ask ” What is my focus today?”

RESPECT – for other peoples model of the world

Each day ask ” How can I show respect for myself and others?”

EXPLORE – all the possibilities

Each day ask ” Have I explored all possibilities, points of view?”

ENERGY – spend your energy wisely

Each day ask ” How can I manage my energy so that I operating at my best?”

DISCOVER – the positive learnings

Each day ask ” What have I lessons have I learned so far that I can use the positive learnings to serve me in the future?”

ORIGINAL – Put a little bit of you in everything you do

Each day ask ” How can I be original and creative in my dealings today?”

MOTION – to keep momentum

Each day ask ” What Stops me from moving forward from a task and how can I keep moving and find a way around it so that I can best serve others?”

These questions just prompt examples of how you can use this formula each day, week, month or year. You can make up your own that is more relevant to you or your team as long as you ensure that it is toward focused and not negative.

We are only doing the best they can with the information they have at the time” – DR Tad James

FREEDOM CHALLENGE if you choose to accept it

Use each day you have to work toward more freedom. Hold an intention to observe freedom each day to create more momentum for all areas of your life. Read the full article here.

Daily & weekly growth hacking formula for better results in business and life.

Remember, freedom is at the core of you, so take notice of each part of the FREEDOM formula and use it as a guide to gathering more freedom in business and in life. Freedom is for you to explore so go and discover what it means to you and live it.

Thanks for playing.

Adventure On!


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